How do I book a property?

1. Enter your Destination and travel dates in the search bar.

2. Select a property from the search results for viewing.

3. Check the property description and amenities, view property photos, price per night and enter your travel dates to confirm that this property is available.

4. After entering your check in and check out dates, and the number of adults and children staying at the property, your total price will be calculated and shown below.

5. Select "Book Now" to confirm and pay; if you have any questions about this property you can contact the host by selecting "Send Inquiry"; to save this listing and complete the transaction at a later date select "Add to cart".

6. By selecting "Book Now" you will be directed to your Cart page, review property details and select "Check Out" to confirm.

7. Enter your billing address and your payment method by adding a credit card. (Note: Some properties do not allow instant booking, instead, at check out a booking request is sent to the host for approval. If the host accepts your request then the payment completion process will take place, however if your request is declined your account will not be charged as the payment process is terminated.  

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