About Us

VastTrips is a vacation rental business. We aim at providing the ultimate vacation experiences from real estate to vehicle rentals and tour packages. We also cater for special requests such as wedding packages and airport pickups. VastTrips markets to tourists and returning residents from all over the globe.

VastTrips was formulated by a group of Jamaicans in their efforts to standardize vacation rentals in Jamaica by opening a market place that is exclusive to Jamaica. It started as a Real Estate referral business then opened to the online medium where persons can book any property they desire in Jamaica.


What makes VastTrips such a great place to find a vacation rental?

1. We provide the best vacation rental homes in Jamaica.

2. We have a great rating system that allows guests to review owners.

3. Every user has to be verified once they create an account


We work hard to make VsatTrips the best vacation rental site in Jamaica. If you have questions or would simply like to interact with a human being, please feel free to call us at 1876-818-5852 or email us.